Decorating with Fiber Art

We all have decorated our spaces with furniture, rugs, paint and fresh flowers for years! Are you ready for something new? Many savvy home décor fans also add a layer of decorative fiber art to each cozy room in their home. You can too! Here are some tips and tricks for adding handmade fiber art to your favorite spaces.

Neutral furniture and walls simply beg for a pop of color. Adding bright pillows or wall art to a basic color palette breathes new life into the room.

Texture is a decorating element that is sometimes missed. Fiber art is a texture hero, as many mediums like weaving, felting, embroidery, and quilting naturally add texture, and that adds pizzazz!

If you have already invested in room accessories that you love, like blown glass vases or a whimsical sculpture, know that textiles can provide a great counterpoint to these hard edges. Softening the look of a room often adds to your comfort level.

Perhaps you are thinking of changing the color scheme for the entire room? Investing in your favorite color in a movable accessory like a fantastic fiber art pillow is a great way to gauge how those new colors work in different places around the room. Before you pay for the big color scheme change, how about testing out your plans in a small scale way?

Interior designers have a cool trick for evaluating their decorating ideas: mood boards. Your textiles like fiber art, drapes, bedding and favorite pillows can all be pulled together in a mood board. There are even fun electronic mood-board sites that make your style selections easily portable! We are having great luck here at Nestle And Soar with sites like Pinterest.

Whether your textiles are handmade or mass-produced, displaying them as part of your home décor plans takes some preparation. Did you know that textiles fade in strong sunlight? How do you clean a quilt that has been hanging on your family room wall for years? Some of these considerations are worth thinking about when you decorate with fiber art.

I recommend that you hang decorative wall art using small nails or those popular tape and release hanging systems. That way, you can move your fiber art around the room or even around the house, to make sure it is never damaged by sunlight.

Cleaning textiles is easy and you don’t often need to take it off the wall to clean! The best trick I use is to slip a nylon stocking over the vacuum wand, which lets me lightly dust my quilts and weavings without pulling on the fibers or tugging any stitches loose.